3 Fitness Tips For Busy Mamas

No time to workout? What’s a mama to do?

1. Find an at home workout that is quick and effective.

I used to love going to the gym (although I initially found it intimidating and I felt super self-conscious and like I had no idea what I was doing, so you are not alone if you have ver felt that way too, but that’s a whole different story). Getting my sweat on to my favorite workouts with my favorite instructors, and chatting with my friends after our workouts.  Oh, it was bliss. By that was before I had kids…

After kids it was so stressful! Trying to get them dressed, fed, ready, strapped into car seats, drive across town to the gym, search for parking, carry kids through parking lot (and of course it’s the farthest spot away), get them into the childcare section with teens that seem less than qualified to handle 2 kids let alone the 10 that are already there, have your kids scream and cry as you try to leave, all to have the person working at the check in counter tell you that the class you did all this work to get to is full! 😡😤😣😫😭 Or if I was lucky enough to get into the class I was quickly pulled out because my children had been crying for too long and the teenagers did not want to deal with it anymore (and I’m not judging, because Lord knows the crying gets to me and I’m their mother who actually adores and loves them).

And even on those few miraculous days where things went smoothly and I made it on time and The Bear and The Bug played contently in the childcare center for my entire workout, I was still losing about 2 hours of my day between the getting packed up and ready, the commute back and forth, the child care drop off, and the hour long class. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Well at least I don’t at this phase in my life.

I needed a workout that I could do at home. I needed it to be effective since I only had 30 minutes on most days to dedicate to it, and I needed it to be something that I enjoyed so that I’d keep it up and stick with it.

Over the past year I have found some great workouts that have met these requirements. I’ve lost about 30 pounds all by doing at home workouts that are 30 minutes or less! How’s that for efficient and effective?

2. Schedule your workout as if it was just as important as all the other appointments that you keep.

Because guess what? It is just as important. Your needs are just as important as the needs of your kids, significant other, household tasks, job, pet and the list goes on and on. Remember that you are a vital component to keeping life running smoothly for everyone else  so it’s just as important to take care of yourself in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health and some personal time to do something that’s just for you! There are 1,440 minutes in a day, surely you can take 30 for yourself! Just remember to schedule it and get it done.

Pick a time that you will have the least amount of distractions. If your kids wake up around the same general time each morning, set your alarm for 40 minutes earlier to make sure you can get it done before they are up. If you’ve got kiddos who are a bit unpredictable with wake up times or have a little who still leaves you sleep deprived, then waking up super early may not be the best time for you. Try nap time then, or when your spouse is home. I used to do mine at night after the kids were finally down for the night.

The point is do what works for you. There are no right and wrong ways, just make it happen!

3. Get the whole family involved!

On the days that nap time failed to happen and I needed to get my workout done I’d bring the bumbo chair and some toys for my daughter when she was really little,  as she got older I’d bring some toys or a healthy snack and let her play in the room while I worked out.

My son was more of a challenge since he was 4 when I started working out at home. And if you know anything about 4 year olds, it’s that they like to not only talk, but ask a lot of questions, which can be hard to answer when you are out of breath! 😂 But as your children see you exercise consistently they begin to understand the importance of it and they stop interrupting so much and let you get it done. As long as you show them you’ll give them 100% of your focus just as soon as your done and you are consistent about that they’ll bug you less during your workout.

And the best part about them seeing you take care of yourself is that they begin to see that it’s important for them to take care of themselves too. Both my kiddos now 5 and almost 2 like to try to do some of the moves right along with me or my husband. My son is actually bummed if we did the workout without him when he was away at pre-K and he’ll request we turn on one of our DVDs for him! 😂

By showing them that it’s good to take care of our fitness we are being role models. They are such little sponges, they see everything we do, and hear everything we say. And as long as you find a program that you enjoy that keeps you coming back to it, rather than grumbling about how much you don’t want to do it, they will see fitness as a fun thing and not a chore. Bonus!

Here are my all time favorite efficient and effective workouts and nutrition plans that you can do right from home! It’s the 21 Day Fix  for those of you who want to still have that glass of wine and an occasional treat or indulgence and still get some great results and for those that may be just getting back into fitness. And then there is the 21 Day Fix Extreme if you are looking to take your fitness to the next level and are looking to get shredded. Each programs daily workout is only 30 minutes long and the nutrition plan takes the guess work out of how much and many times in a day to eat a food group with these amazing colorful containers. No food scale or counting points required! And the best part about it is that you get my coaching and fun accountability groups that I run monthly to help you stay on track! Who doesn’t need a workout buddy to help motivate and support them? You’ll get a whole team of workout buddies who are positive and fun and there for you via our Free App!

Come on Mama’s it’s time to take care of you! Let’s Do This!




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