Fast DIY Deodorant For Sensitive Skin


I started to make my own deodorant a few years ago. This was by far the most “crunchy, granola hippie” thing I’d ever done (at the time). A few months before reading a few articles about the potential dangers of aluminum and parabens, I would have assumed that anyone who makes their own deodorant is a bit “out there” and probably a bit stinky too. 😂  I know it’s not nice to assume, but I’m just trying to keep it real!

I was a more than happy to pick up my stick of deodorant at the store and throw it in my cart. Well, after standing around sniffing deodorant through the plastic top trying to figure out which deodorant fragrance I preferred. Come on, know you’ve done it too. 😉

But after moving to Florida in the summer, I noticed that I felt like I had to reapply almost 3 times a day to keep smelling like “Fresh Spring Dew” or whatever the hell fragrance I had picked. I was smelling anything but fresh.

So since I was already having a hard time finding good coverage from commercial deodorant, plus the fact that there is potential harm from some of the ingredients, I decided to make my own.

The first recipe I found, did not do the trick. Let’s just say it should have been called a pro-odorant, not deodorant. I apologize to anyone who’s nose I may have offended. 😝

So I tried again and found the “man stink killer” deodorant recipe on the blog mommypotamus.com. This one really worked well as a deodorant for me. But after about a week of using it, my armpits were burning, peeling and bright red- not a good look and it was very uncomfortable. As I read more on her site, I saw that she had a recipe for folks with sensitive skin. And I figured that was probably what was going on with my skin. All of the rest of my skin is sensitive, so my armpits probably are too.

I’ve been using her sensitive skin recipe for a few years now and swear by it! It kills the stink but not my sensitive skin. Even my hubby uses it and says it works better than the commercial brands he used to use.

So here’s the recipe from mommypotamus.com for  Homemade Deodorant Recipe For Sensitive Skin:


  • 3/4 cup Arrowroot powder/non-GMO cornstarch (I use the arrowroot powder)
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 4-6 Tablespoons melted coconut oil



  1. mix together baking soda and arrowroot powder/cornstarch
  2. Add 4 Tablespoons melted coconut oil and mix with a fork.  Keep adding coconut oil until the it Is the consistency that you like.
  3. Put it in a jar with a lid. I used a mason jar.

I also like like to add a few drops of essential oils to give it s bit of light fragrance. I use tea tree oil and grapefruit usually, since tea tree oil has antibacterial properties (great because underarm odor is caused by the bacteria on your skin) and grapefruit oil is invigorating and energizing. Plus the combo make it a smell that’s not too masculine or feminine and anyone can wear it. But you can use any essential oil you like or none at all. If you do use essential oils, just be sure you don’t add too much, a little goes a long way and it can cause irritation to the skin if you put in too much.

I also like to put mine in the fridge as soon as it’s in the closed jar so that it firms up quickly and none of the dry ingredients have time to settle and all the ingredients are distributed evenly throughout the deodorant.

To use, just apply a small amount to your pits with your fingertips and rub into your skin until you don’t see any white residue.

Here’s the link to her post where you can find the recipe for her “man stink killer” if you don’t have sensitive skin as well as more info on why commercial deodorant may be harmful. Mommypotamus.com/natural-deoderant-recipe-sensitive-skin/

Let me know if you try this recipe out and what you think!

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